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Tips for MM1-students
You will find here some special tips for accessing the master-of-mechatronics-area! Please read!

Hello MM1 Students,

some of you had problems in updating or inserting their data.

Please remember, you always must insert your old password. Without a valid password changing your data is impossible. This is only for your own security...

Please login with the password that I issued to you after your registration. Then you will be forwarded to the site "My Account". Enter this password once again in order to change your password into a new one (Donīt forget to re-type your new password on the right side!). You always need to insert your password when you want to add or update your personal data.

In the insert-box "Straße" you can only type in charakters, so no room-number will be accepted!

Don`t forget to send me a photo of yours for our students list (E-Mail:

After that I will give you permission to access. Only then you will be able to access the special-master-of-mechatronic-area. There you will find our students list with pictures and a list of all events for our semester. I am also planning a notice-borad like a forum.

Have fun,

Tips for MM1-studentsTips-for-MM1-studentsTips-for-MM1-studentsTips-for-MM1-students

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